Evan has spent almost his entire life making music and instruments. He first started working with wood and building instruments as a child, using scrap wood and string to make ‘guitars’.  He began making music at about the same time. He played piano and as an older child, began to focus on becoming an accomplished bass player. He played bass through his youth, studying with Pat Moulds and touring in Europe and the United States with youth symphonies.  

During high school, he continued to make instruments, teaching himself and using the school woodshop to make electric basses and guitars. He became more serious about instrument making when he decided that, although he loved making music, he was not going to pursue music performance.

At the age of 16, he began by working as an apprentice with master violin and bow maker Boyd Paulsen in New Mexico and then moved to New York to work as an intern with Fodera Guitars, making electric bass guitars. In June 2016 Evan graduated from the North Bennet Street School. Under the tutelage of master violin maker Roman Barnas, with having been only one of two people to complete an upright bass in the history of the program. In 2016 Evan won a Certificate of Merit for Tone at the Violin Society of America for his Gasparo Da Salo inspired Viola, and in 2017 Evan won a Certificate of Merrit for Workmanship for his Maggini inspired Bass from the International Society of Bassists.

Evan is an assistant to master violin maker David Wiebe in new instrument making. As well as continuing his studies in making with master violin maker Guy Rabut.

In addition to making fine instruments, Evan continues to make music and has developed a passion for making and collecting hand-tools.